About Us

About us

Climate News Ng is a Nigeria-based independent and not-for-profit news organization that is dedicated to reporting and analysing issues relating to the biggest challenge facing our planet – Climate Change, with focus on Nigeria and Africa.

Our mission is to contribute to raising awareness and fostering better understanding of climate issues among Nigerians and Africans, and to encourage them to take actions towards building a more responsible, eco-friendly and sustainable society.

Through our platform, we will: ·

Report on a variety of climate issues including latest scientific discoveries and developments relating to climate change, as well as policies, initiatives and agreements taken at both national and international levels to address Climate change and analyse their potential impacts on the environment and society.

Amplify the concerns of communities battling consequences of climate disruptions.

Feature stories on individuals, businesses and communities adopting sustainable technologies and practices.

Promote the works of grassroot movements and organisations working on climate matters and striving to create positive changes in communities across Nigeria and Africa.

Profile innovative technologies, startups and projects that offer potential solutions to Climate challenges.