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Tinubu’s govt will prioritise climate change issues – NCCC DG

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By Hameed Muritala

Climate change issues are of top priority to the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Director-General of National Council on Climate Change (NCCC), Dr. Salisu Dahiru has declared.

He said this on Monday, 11 September, 2023, in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, during the Southwest sensitisation programme on the use of Atmosfair Save80 Clean Cookstoves, a climate friendly device.

According to him, the present administration has recognised that resolving the issues of climate change provides it with ample opportunity to achieve many of its objectives, such as revamping the economy, providing security and ending the country’s super dependence on fossil fuels.

Dahiru said “this government wants to revamp the economy, provide security, it is interested in ending super dependence on fossil fuels. We want to use our natural resources to address challenges that the country is facing and addressing them could be possible by prioritizing climate change discussion. To revamp the economy, we want to say that we want to stop using our natural resources in a bad way.’’

Speaking on the Atmosfair Save80 Clean Cookstoves, the NCCC DG noted that the clean stoves would help to address issues of health concerns for the women, time saving, money and deforestation.

Dahiru disclosed that though the clean stoves were originally developed in Germany, they would be produced here in the country as the promoters had indicated interest to establish one of those factories in Ogun State.

“We are not going to be importing it, no, it will be produced here in the country, providing employment for the people and more revenue for the country in form of tax among other values chain.

“Also, take into consideration what we are doing in the area of electricity, we want to make it available to Nigerians at a very affordable costs, we are talking about renewable energy, solar . We are talking about reducing our petrol and diesel consumption, we are talking about using gas, having electric buses. All of these require investment, technology, creation of jobs, it requires revenue. The government is seeing combating climate change as a way to address many troubles confronting the country. When jobs are created and the forest are being more managed, bandits will not be hiding there and you have more peace”.

Dahiru said that deforestation is one huge problem through which the country contributes to climate change, saying that the use of this Atmosfair Save80 clean cookstoves has the power to reduce by 80% the use of firewood.

He said “women are very critical to achieving success in climate change campaign and this is because of their major daily duty of feeding the family. In doing this, they use firewood or stoves powered by kerosene, charcoal, sawdust, cow dungs among others which release smokes that pollute the environment and causing climate change.

“Aside this, they also inhale these smokes probably with their children who are always with them when cooking, constituting great health hazard. But with this clean stove, no smoke, less of fire wood is used, it is faster and it will also help in great savings, so it will be good for them to embrace it”.


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